This morning was gorgeous! Here was our view:


So Ezra has been having a hard time transitioning into the whole eating fresh foods instead of Gerber Foods. We tried a mango last night. Hated it. Gagged and spit it out. I tried mashing it up with the fork…didn’t work. I tried putting it in the blender (which didn’t help much) and he still didn’t want it. QUESTION: How do you guys get your kids to eat the fresh fruits and veggies? Email me or leave a comment because this momma is needing some help!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The reason the title is “So Delicious” is because I have found something he likes and it happens to be the So Delicious brand of a yogurt alternative! 20161120_184612-02The flavor is vanilla, it’s dairy free, and is made with coconut milk. Holy Moly he loved it! I’m not a fan of yogurt and I loved it too! After going through failure after failure with these fruits it was really exciting to see him actually like something. It’s also low in PHE which is a bonus!

Ezra was so tired last night so we didn’t try anymore fruits or veggies. Which is also why I didn’t get to blog yesterday. Getting a kid to sleep is a job in itself, whew.

If you guys have any suggestions on what else we could try let me know, thanks!

xoxo, Sky

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