Getting PKU educated!

Some exciting things that have happened lately…

Ezra has started saying mama, dada, and he has started using his pushing walker to walk around! Also, he’s so close to being 11 months old! It’s crazy to think almost a year has gone by already.

So National PKU awareness day was on December 3rd! 20161129_120505We are beyond thankful for all the support we have had for Ezra and as parents with a PKU child. Without family, friends, Children’s Hospital, his pediatrician, support from Facebook groups such as How Much Phe and Cook for Love – Low Protein Cooking for the PKU Community, and his awesome dietician, I’m not sure how we would have gotten this far. 10 months in and Ezra is happy and healthy as he can be!

20161204_125250-01We also went to a PKU event in Jenks, Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Aquarium. We loved the event. I got to see some other parents with PKU children that I had met before at other events, so it was really great catching up! We also met new parents which was awesome too. This community we have is just amazing and I love that it makes you feel like you will never be alone and will constantly have great advice no matter what. People that you think would have forgotten you from before, always end up remembering who you are. Everyone is so welcoming and I think that’s so important. After the event was over we went to the aquarium and explored! This was Ezra’s first time going to an aquarium and he absolutely loved it. The fish he got the most excited about was the striped bass, haha! Out of all the fish and he liked that one the best. My favorite was the jelly fish and the shark tank was a unique experience. Ezra kept laughing at the sharks as they were passing by..fearless boy!




xoxo, Sky

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