Trip to Whole Foods!


It’s been so hard lately to even get a minute of writing in! Ezra is going through the “I always cry when Mama leaves the room” stage. Yes, I could shut the door, but he would constantly sit by and hit the door until I open it up. So much stuff has been happening lately! From constantly going places/staying busy, celebrating Ezra’s 1st birthday and also switching over to more table foods…it’s been crazy!

Ezra has now gone from taking in 40 oz. of a Periflex/Gerber Good Start formula mixture to 24 oz. of just Periflex formula. We are starting more table foods! I have no idea how we have already reached this point. How is he already 1? Why is time going by SO fast?!

So he is allowed to have up to 500 mg of PHE from foods now, which equals out to 10g of Protein intake a day. This is where I as a mother have been struggling. So other PKU parents who are seeing this, just know that you are not alone on the struggle bus!

As someone who doesn’t cook very often, it’s been very hard getting into the habit of having to cook for this little one. It’s not like I can go look in my cabinet right now and whip something random up. We did get to meet with the nutritionist and she walked us around Whole Foods to show us what he could and couldn’t have. It was a HUGE help. Going into this I was thinking okay we will have to order all this special medical foods (expensive!) and he can only have fruits and veggies yada yada yada…

Well that’s not the case at all! There are sooo many options. At least there was at Whole Foods. I’m not sure at other stores because honestly I haven’t looked yet. Here are a few items we bought:

  • Vans Original Wheat Free Waffles– I found that he really likes these, especially with chocolate or vanilla So Delicious yogurt topped on it!
  • Daiya Mozzarella Shreds
  • Follow Your Heart Vegan Ranch
  • Iceberg lettuce- The nutritionist recommended we start salads early in Ezra’s childhood so that he would like them in the future. I have yet to make a salad for him, but if you decide to, make sure it’s cut up really nice and small and then find a dressing to top it with and lots of veggies!
  • Watermelon,  bananas and tomatoes
  • Upton’s Bar-B-Que Jackfruit– Ezra thought this was too spicy! So it may be better to order some jackfruit and top with a bbq sauce of your choice until in the future when it doesn’t taste as hot to them. I tried it though and loved it! So easy to make: squeeze it all out of the pouch and cook over medium heat for 5-7 min. and it’s done!
  • Veggie Noodle Co. Zucchini Spirals– This stuff is GREAT you guys. Not only did Ezra eat it up, but I loved it as well. Plus it’s so simple to make and has the pasta texture once it’s cooked! Since sometimes it’s hard to find a marinara sauce to put over it, I broke down some tomatoes over medium heat and made sure to season it with some italian seasoning. It turned into a sauce and it was so good! Much healthier too! I was going to put the Daiya cheese on it, but forgot to the first time round, but I will next time.

So there’s a few items we bought. We didn’t buy too much since we are first starting out, but this might help some parents questioning what to feed their one year old!

I have asked through Facebook page groups as well what other parents feed/have fed their 1 year olds and here is what they said:

So as you can see there is more options out there than I thought at first. Now the goal is just reaching the 500 milligrams he needs a day. I think another thing that is hard right now, is the fact Ezra is still getting used to chewing foods. He’s been so used to eating the Gerber foods and drinking formula that this is all so new to him. It will all work out though!

If you are a parent with a PKU child and you are getting used to the whole cooking foods and meeting daily the daily allowance, just know you are not alone!

xoxo, Sky

Ezra enjoying his Zucchini Spirals! Also pictured is the bbq jackfruit he had a different night!


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